Thursday, November 4, 2010

Funny students

Of course I have a collection of funny things students do and say, but since teaching sixth grade, the stories are mostly innocent, which of course is precious, but sometimes ignorant, which is hilarious and also very precious.

Next to my desk there is a full sized skeleton (imagine one you might have seen in a science class) which is used every once in a while for learning to draw the human figure or as an example of bone structure. It is decorated with a straw cowboy hat, beads, and even a bird usually sitting on it's shoulder. Every term, without fail, a young sixth grader will come over to my desk as I'm putting in attendance and ask me in a serious and sometimes with underlying concern, "um, Miss McCoy? Is that skeleton...real?"
"Oh, don't worry honey, it's not real. You would smell it if it was!!"
A look of relief goes over the student's face and with a smile they usually say "Oh, yeah, I knew that!" And they skip off to their table to report that "the skeleton is NOT real and you would smell it if it was. Duh, people!"

Just yesterday I had another moment where I giggled a little in my head but did not let it out, of course. We are drawing neighborhoods and cities in One-point perspective (I will post pics soon). Students are required to look up pictures in magazines and books to add two challenging elements to their drawing. I usually suggest to students to look up trees after their practice drawings are filled with "broccoli trees." One little girl, one of the most innocent, 4-foot tall freckle faced girls with a special needs older brother, shows me her drawing yesterday. For bushes, all around her drawing are large five fingered plants with no depth. If you are imagining this correctly, yes, they look like straight up marijuana plants ALL over her drawing!! Hahaha!
After the initial shock of seeing mary jane plants all over, I suggested she look up pictures of bushes to see how to thicken out the plants. I will see today if the five fingers are masked enough to let her take that drawing home! Poor little girl will probably NEVER know what her original plants resembled with incredible accuracy for being straight from her 11 year old imagination.

Fun times as the middle school Art Teacher :)

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