Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Drawing and Photoshop

I remember sometime during my junior year in college, I had recently decided to switch to Art Education rather than English Education as my major and I started thinking about life as an artist. I remember how students would compare each other and Professors too, saying that Art Ed majors were not expected to have as high quality artwork as Art Pre-Master's majors. I remember thinking that was so silly and I was a little offended, but of course I just stayed quiet and made sure my artwork stood out and was as high quality as I could make it. Of course, I did feel a little bit like I wasn't a real artist because of what others were saying. Was it true? Were Art Ed majors more educators than artists? Were the Art Pre-Masters majors training more to be artists and so then they really are more of artists? Or, was it just a stuck up artist idea (there are a lot of those).

Well, the main reason I chose to be an Art Ed major is because I didn't want to be alone in a studio all day hoping that someone liked my artwork enough to give me money for it. I knew that I am an artist. But, I am an artist who prefers to be public speaking and inpiring, daily. I like to dress up and speak in front of people. I also like to be around kids, middle to high school mostly because of how alive they are. One stuggle I have had since college is that, even though I am very self motivated and a hard worker, I tend to be my own worst enemy too. When I get down about something, I can convince myself to stay down all day, sometimes all week. Sometimes it only breaks when I am around others that show me that life is not that bad, or that hard. Students are my outlet to see that the world is fun, problems don't have to be big, and a smile can cure other people's bad days too. I find myself smiling more at work than anywhere else in my life pretty much. And, I find myself being silly and animated and fun. Most of the time, if I am sad in the morning over something or have a headache and feeling sick, the adrenaline and happiness of my classroom is the perfect cure. It works almost EVERY time. Literally. It is so effective, I would almost recommend someone that is sick to come to my class and hang out for half an hour and I would be SHOCKED if they didn't feel better.

Well, all this to say... I actually am selling some artwork. I'm not really interested in becoming famous for my artwork, though I guess if it happened I wouldn't complain much. It just seems like you have to work really hard to be famous and you really have to want it. Sort of like becoming a famous singer or model. Really I would just like to find projects I am interested in and do them for fun and supplement my income.

I started working on this willow tree when a friend requested it for her wedding website. I quickly realized that though I love making the art, the business of art is harder than I would have thought. It is hard for me to work by myself at home. It is also hard to get criticism and scrap something you took more than 3 hours to work on. It is hard to think that nobody might want the artwork and at that point I would keep it. But, what if I didn't want to keep it? And, I needed the money? I am glad I already have a good income doing something I love and I can do this on the side. I wonder if the Art Pre-Masters students are doing okay now that they are doing art for a living. Or, maybe not doing art for a living for the same reason I am not.

Here is an example of one of the drawings I did. It didn't get accepted as the final drawing, I will be making another one. But, I have a strong feeling that this will be my favorite of all of the versions. I hope you enjoy it too.

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