Monday, February 7, 2011

Time and... money

As I was making my second “Mind Map” where I detail out a chapter in a unique outline form with pictures to make the main parts clear to read and easy to study, I was noticing how my second one was not nearly as interesting as the first. “Why so many definitions? Why such a shift from cultural perspective to reaching kids on an intellectual level?” Once I had finished I closed the book. The cover… wait… this was the wrong book. 1 ½ hours of work… beautiful mind map. At least it wasn’t a total waste. It is a neat way to really dive deeper into the chapter and have a quick way to study. Now, I am quicker at making them too and my REAL one shouldn’t take as long. Plus, I’m looking forward to it because the content really is more interesting. I am starting to think that what I would like to do is maybe teach ESL for a while in the public school to have some experience and then possibly become a professor. I would like to have the opportunity to travel and be really free… sort of run my own ship. And, I might want to do research too and pursue a doctorate. Yes, seriously. I am so interested in the assimilation of cultures and the ‘melting pot’ of the United States. Why do you think my favorite places downtown are the culturally themed areas like Little Italy, Greek-town and ESPECIALLY little Italy? I love the theme, but even more, I love the idea of SEEING people who are from those countries and seeing into their culture, their life that is so different from mine. Oh, and downtown New York, my favorite place by FAR was China-Town. And not only because of the shopping, but I am such a sucker for flea market jewelry, it’s ridiculous!
One thing I have found interesting lately too is I can get really down on myself about money. I’m sure it’s a common theme that people beat themselves up over. I mean, who doesn’t feel like they are working more than the compensation they receive? Or, they just NEED more and so then it makes sense that they should be getting paid more… for the same work, yes, but hey… I need it! Well, every time I search my brain for any idea of how to make more money and I start adding up numbers plus time minus necessities plus free time minus vacation fund plus weekends off minus tithe to church… I find that I actually have just enough. I have what I need. I definitely don’t have excess and yes, I feel like I am working more than the compensation I receive and that I NEED more. But in reality, I am not underwater and I am not unhappy with my job. So, why again am I complaining?

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