Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well here's a controversial question...

How Democratic is it of me to be getting an endorsement in ESL (English as a Second Language) so that I can teach the students whose families have either just immigrated or cannot help their students with English at home?

I am doing it because I have a GENUINE interest in students from other cultures and i see the increased need in schools so it is great job security. I have to admit, my reason for getting this endorsement is... well... kind of republican.  I want to have a job to be a responsible citizen and I would like that job to be in something that I am genuinely interested in so that I enjoy it, am productive daily, and don't become a lazy member of society. But, it seems that a lot of my colleagues are getting the endorsement because they truly think that it is America's responsibility to cater to all of the 'melting pot' people coming from other areas, largely unauthorized.

The start to these thoughts came from when i was at a babysitting family's house and the dad (who is a VERY strong and vocal Republican) gave me a strange look when I told him what I was getting endorsed in. He said something about 'All of the kids that came from Mexico or who are not originally from America."

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of America being the 'melting pot.' I had intense culture shock when I myself went to Mexico and saw no white people! Or, people of ANY other ethnicity than Mexican. Same with India. EVERYONE was Indian! America is a special place for that reason. But... what about unauthorized immigration? What about it? Are we to foster the people who sneak in? Are we to "rescue" them from their own dangerous and poverty stricken culture? Are we to wean out all of our tax earnings and increase income tax to achieve this? Am I supposed to add to it?

Like I said, I am doing the endorsement because I like the Mexican kids. And I like the Indian and Chinese and Polish kids, and all of the other cultures that have poured into my district for different reasons. I like their accents, I like their stories, I like their innocence and simplicity. I like showing them our culture and learning about theirs. I like seeing such vast transitions from nothing to something in language and understanding. I like the job and I like the people.

And I don't usually call my choices Republican and I definitely don't call them Democrat. I just do things that I think will generally help and be good. I pretty much just live.

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